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Get Out Of Your Head
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Kill Your Demons.
Crush Your Goals.

Are you living up to your potential?

After helping several aspiring entrepreneurs, DJs, and creators, I've started to see a distinct pattern between those who fulfill their potential and those that don't. 

More often than not, it had to do with their mind. 

Things like their mindset, their health, their routines, their systems & structures and their beliefs.

Tribeless Cure is for anyone who is looking to level up their mindset game and kill their inner demons. 

This program isn't designed to tell you what to think, but rather to show you how to think critically, strategically, and in alignment with your most ambitious goals.

Tribeless Cure is for people who want to think better.

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A modern day program for
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Build Habits. Design Your Lifestyle. Unleash Your Potential.


What is actually holding you back from achieving your most ambitious aspirations, enjoying your life, and having an endless source of energy and focus?

Some say it's knowledge. Others say it's just the way they are. 

They're both wrong. 

I'll show you an example to prove this point.

Recently, I had a coaching session covering exactly this.

After reading an article of mine, a girl approached me.

She was struggling to achieve her goals.

"I'm just not disciplined" she said.

Here's what I told her.

If someone does something every single day and sticks to it, would you call that person disciplined?

I bet you would.

If that's true, then congrats, you already are 'disciplined'.

You drink every day.

You eat every day.

And you probably check your smartphone every day.

You are already '[insert trait]'.

You just don't apply the trait the same every time.

You already spend money.

You just buy random stuff on Amazon instead of books.

You already think strategically.

You just use it to match your outfit instead of applying to your goals.

You are already patient.

You're just patient when it comes to waiting at a restaurant, and not with your goals.

You say you're not disciplined, yet you find the discipline to wake up at 7 am every day to go to a job you hate.

If you related with the story I just shared, chances are you probably sell yourself short by believing you lack certain traits or qualities.

The truth is, you already possess them.

You just need to identify where you apply them in your life.

meet Your Instructor

Nick Tribe

My name is Nick Tribe and I'm a DJ, producer, and business builder.

I am currently the co-founder of Tribe Brothers LTD, a London based company that starts, grows, and scales digital product businesses leveraging AI, content creation, and sales funnels.

I owe much of everything I achieved to my mindset. 

It's the first step. 

And I made this program to help others break free from their limiting beliefs and embrace their full potential by thinking more clearly, strategically, and rationally.

If you're struggling to reach your goals, recognize your worth, or building your dream life, this program is going to help you tremendously.

If you're already on track with your goals, this program is not for you.

Course Curriculum

module 0 - Intro

Get to know what 'Tribeless Cure' is all about
How the program works
Meet your instructor
How to get support and ask questions

Module 1 - Mindset

Learn to cultivate a positive and growth-oriented mindset
How your mindset affects your success in life
Building healthy habits to crush life
How to gain clarity for yourself and your goals
Develop strategies to overcome limiting beliefs and negative self-talk

Module 2 - Learning God

Understand the different modes of learning and identify which one works best for you
Discover how to learn faster and retain information better
How to become a learning machine
Learn effective study techniques to maximize your learning potential

Module 3 - Lifestyle design

Create a vision for your ideal lifestyle and design a plan to achieve it
Discover the importance of purpose and how to achieve it
Learn how to set priorities and make time for the things that matter most to you

Module 4 - Wealth Building

Understand the basics of wealth building
Discover different ways to build wealth
Learn strategies to think about your wealth wisely and grow it over time

Module 5 - Systems & Tools

Discover essential tools and resources to help you achieve your goals
Learn how to create systems and processes to streamline your life and work
Identify the tools and resources that will help you work smarter, not harder

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