Nick Tribe is DJ, Marketer, and Entrepreneur.

With his high-energy sets and club bangers, Nick is a rising star in the world of house and dance music, captivating audiences with his electrifying performances.

Hailing from Rome, Nick began his career as a DJ in small clubs before honing his craft at the London Sound Academy.

Since then, he has played gigs at various venues and events across the globe, including The Redbull City Crusher and Shadow Club in Malta, where he performed as a lead guest.

Nick’s tracks have gained significant traction on popular streaming platforms, with hundreds of thousands of global streams and downloads. 

His mashup series, called MASHUPLAND - The Land Of Mashups, has been particularly successful, garnering a dedicated following of fans.

Supported by notable DJs worldwide, Nick's ability to bring energy and excitement to the dancefloor, with a style that keeps people dancing, screaming, and often jumping, is what sets him apart.

His music has been featured on popular blogs like Smash The Club, spinbackpromos.com, and EDM House Network - among many others.

His tracks have also reached the #Top10 on the Future House Hypeddit Chart, the #Top10 on the Electro House Hypeddit Chart, and the #Top100 on both the Tech House and the Global Hypeddit chart.


As an entrepreneur and business builder, he has launched multiple ventures. 

He's the co-founder of Tribe Brothers LTD, a London based marketing company that operates a portfolio of digital product businesses leveraging AI, content creation, and sales funnels.

In 2022, he founded Nightlife Heroes, a Nigthlife Marketing brand & community across the EU and UK dedicated to help promoters and event organizers market their events.

In 2023, he founded Tribelex Records, a modern house music label focused on promoting clubbing music.

He is also the host of Marketing For The Tribe - a publication dedicated to marketing - where he shares his marketing experiments building his brand and his business projects.

His writings have been featured in online publications such as Bootcamp, ILLUMINATION, Side Hustle Area, & Venture.

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