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Nick Tribe

Nick Tribe is a DJ, Producer, and Business Builder. He is a rising name in the house and tech house scene, known for his high-energy sets and club bangers.

With a background in small clubs in Rome, Nick has honed his skills as a DJ at the London Sound Academy and consistently delivers electrifying performances.

He also played a gig on The Redbull City Crusher, further solidifying his reputation as a go-to DJ for clubbing events.

His tracks have also gained traction on popular streaming platforms, with over 150K global streams and support from notable DJs like BOUGENVILLA, Sam Collins, Rave Republic, and Solo Suspex, among many others.

His ability to bring energy and excitement to the dancefloor, with a style that keeps people dancing, screaming, and often jumping is what makes him stand out.

His music has also been featured on popular blogs like Smash The Club,, and EDM House Network.

His tracks have also reached the #Top10 on the Future House Hypeddit Chart, the #Top10 on the Electro House Hypeddit Chart, and the #Top100 on both the Tech House and the Global Hypeddit chart.

With a passion for producing and playing club bangers, Nick Tribe is a DJ to watch out for in the house and tech house scene.

In addition to his DJing career, Nick is also a business builder and marketer, having successfully launched multiple business ventures online.

In 2023, he co-founded Tribe Brothers LTD, a London-based company that starts and grow digital product businesses using a combination of digital media, content creation and sales funnels.

With a proven track record of creating brands from scratch, Nick has demonstrated an ability to effectively market, sell and promote products and services online, across various price ranges and different markets.

His work has also been featured in online publications such as Illumination, Bootcamp, Venture, Economia & Finanza Verde, and Side Hustle Area.

He's the host of 'The Nick Tribe Show', a podcast where he shares an inside look on everything he's doing to build his brand.

In his Free VIP Newsletter Nick shares actionable insights on digital products, brand building, entrepreneurship, and self-development.

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